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Grasslands with village shaders

Minecraft – a realistic short story

You spawn. Flat grasslands surround you. A square sun rises in the east. You have no recollection of how you got here – the bag on your shoulders feels light and empty, the mind devoid of memories. And yet, you feel… as though you belong here… like you were meant to be in this place.

A sheeps “BAA” brings you back to your senses – you survey your immediate surroundings, and the ever moving sun. You are alone, and you must survive! Your primordial instinct tells you so.

You are drawn to a nearby tree, jutting out in sharp contrast to the… plain and level plains. You inspect the tree and – almost instinctively – throw a few punches. It breaks after some seconds, and a miniature log falls out. It is a cube. The whole world is cubes. The cubic tree floats midair, not caring that its top is disconnected from its lower half.

Having mined the whole tree, you place 5 miniature logs and a sapling (not a cube sapling, mind you) into your backpack. You notice your strong hands and look down at your well-built body, adorned with a simple blue shirt and trousers. There is a pond close by, easily noticed in the sea of green grass, ferns and the occasional flower.

You wander over to it, noting a complete lack of thirst – Yes, the very thought of thirst has somehow become foreign to you, although you feel a light hunger creeping up. “Must have been the tree.”

Looking down at the waters surface, your reflection shows a man with bronzed skin, an unshaved (but not unkempt) face, and strong and of course cubic features.


COVER IMAGE Minecraft Render Video Game – Free image on Pixabay

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