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The Far Lands Walkers 1 | Rules and Definitions [List in Part 2]

You wouldn’t walk to the Far Lands, right. Right? The dedication of these players proves otherwise. The old post was rewritten from the ground up to feature accurate definitions of Far Lands/World Border types, a detailed list of players and up to date information. Thank you to members of the Far Lands community on Discord for providing information and proof reading, especially Xelanater and Sav. Please, enjoy this finely rewritten reference page! Play some Far Lands (Minecraft Fan Music) or The Long Haul to the Far Lands (Full Album) while you read.

PART 2 TABLES: The Far Lands Walkers COMPLETE LIST 2023

Far Lands: Introduction and Causes

The Far Lands are a legendary terrain generation glitch. Minecraft uses noise generators to create procedurally generated terrain and features. These generators break down at massive distances from the 0,0 spawn point due to an integer overflow, causing multiple terrain bugs. The effects get progressively worse and include jitter, lag, bugged chunks, stripe lands, repeating terrain, sky grids, and ghost terrain.

The Far Lands have become the most widely known due to their scenic, imposing nature. They were the first major structure marking the world’s boundary (a literal monolithic wall) and have enticed daring players to reach them for years. In Java, the Far Lands existed for just over a year between March 27, 2010 (inf327) and July 08, 2011 (b1.7.3). In Bedrock a Far Lands-like structure existed between July 10, 2014 (v0.9.0) and June 8, 2021 (1.17.0) (Caves and Cliffs).

Getting to the Far Lands and Time

Players are able to get to the Far Lands/World Border in a variety of ways listed conveniently on this wiki page, including walking, transportation, Nether 8:1 travel, glitches and commands. For the purposes of a Far Lands walk, a player must use legitimate means and the walk is categorized based on the method used. The length of time taken to complete the journey depends on; 1) Whether the player is actively rushing or casually walking with breaks and; 2) The amount of time spent walking at a time.

The teleport command can be used. Teleporting to co-ordinates was not possible before release 1.3.1 (which is after the Far Lands have been removed) so a mod must be used to add the tp command. Alternatively, MCEdit can be used to edit the co-ordinates of a player on any version. Alternatively, the level.dat file for the world can be edited to change the player’s co-ords.

  • /teleport ±12550800 (X co-ordinate edge)
  • /teleport ~ ~ ±12550800 (Z co-ordinate edge)
  • /teleport ±12550800 ~ ±12550800 (Corner far lands)
  • It is impossible to teleport beyond X/Z ±30,000,000
  • The world boundary is present at either 30M or 32M


For example, the walking (not sprinting) speed is 4.3 blocks per second. Walking for 6 hours per day is equal to 21,600 seconds, giving a travelled distance of 92,880 blocks every day. Walking to the 12.5M Far Lands would take just under 136 days at this pace. This does not take into account water terrain or time spent gathering resources like food. Obviously, such a pace is impossible for the average person. The website has an incomplete list of walks ordered by time, but the website imposes a 1000 hour max limit (understandably for a game speedrun site), excluding the majority of casual walkers.

Walking diagonally straight can be used by turning 45 degrees from the direction of travel and going forward and to the opposite side in order to go straight diagonally. Walker Xel explains: “Think of a square. Rotate the square 45* and the corner is farther ahead than the edge when you started. Diagonal waking is slightly faster than walking just forward because movement vectors aren’t normalized”.

Far Lands walk: Rules and Verification

These are the generally accepted rules to make sure a walk is legitimate, approved by at least 2/3 of the Council of Farlanders community, and applied to journeys started on or after 20 September, 2022.

  • Do not tamper with the save file, teleport or use cheat engine
  • Do not downgrade world version (upgrading doesn’t matter)
  • Only terrestrial journeys count (walking, swimming etc)
  • Utilizing the nether is OK to recover from an Overworld crash
  • Any in-game difficulty is allowed

The walk needs to be documented for verification and archival purposes. The Council recommends:

  • Footage/screenshot of every 10% milestone including the arrival
  • Recording of at least 90% of the journey (minimum 240p at 1fps)
  • OR screenshots often and with clearly readable co-ordinates
  • Other indicators of validity: World size, Player statistics screen


It is accepted that optimizer mods which do not affect world generation or gameplay are allowed:

  • Optifog/Optimine/Optifine
  • Lithium/Sodium/Phosphor/Starlight
  • Farlander Optimizer Mod (FOM)

FOM (Farlander Optimized Mod) is a compilation of fixes and minor improvements to make walking long distances less buggy, or on some versions possible at all. The mod turns blocks past the world boundary solid, allowing a theoretical walk to the 32-bit integer limit (2,147,483,647) legitimately walkable. Please do not attempt that last part for the sake of your sanity. FOM is custom made by Figonometry and available to download on his Discord server.


Several vanilla bugs are considered legal:

*Using b1.1 and earlier, planting seeds deletes any block above farmland. This can be used to make Nether Skylights. You can then update the world to b1.6 – b1.7.3 and use the duplicated spawn chunks bug to “duplicate” the Nether Skylights. It’s how I walked across the roof to reach the Nether Far Lands. You can use Skylights if you made them through legitimate means. [Council of Farlanders, Xelanater]


Any other modification, method, bug or cheat that strays from vanilla walking is considered illegal:

  • Mods capable of affecting the gameplay in any way
  • Example: Inventory Tweaks, Better Than Adventure
  • Changing the system clock to affect gameplay speed
  • Duplication bugs, including using Beta 1.6 Test Build 3
  • Cannons that launch entities (players, ender pearls)
  • Tridents/elytras (on ported Far Lands) or flying machines
  • Teleportation bugs (e.g. boats or e-pearls with portals)
  • Auto-walk is fine as you still have to monitor progress

Far Lands Walk: Categories of Walking

Many of these runs have never been attempted, but are listed here anyway.

Common Categories:

  • Standard Random: Terrestrial journey through the Overworld on a random seed.
  • Standard Set-Seed: Terrestrial journey through the Overworld on a preset seed.
  • Nether Roof-Less: All travel is done within the nether without going on the roof.
  • Nether Roof: Focuses on getting to the Far Lands/World Border via nether roof.
  • End: The End Far Lands/Border is reached. Can use modern version port elytras.
  • Flat: Border of flat world is reached. Terrain/Far Lands does not generate in flat.

Special Categories – These can be used as modifiers for the Common Categories.

  • Winter Mode: Uses winter world in a1.0.4+ (frozen oceans are useful pre-boat).
  • AI-Controlled: Uses a bot or external program to control the player all the way.
  • Backwards: Journey is made without using the forward key (facing backwards).
  • Crouch-Only: Self-explanatory. I hope no one ever attempts this for their sanity.
  • Minute-TP: Move only by teleporting 1 block at a time. Please do not attempt.
  • Illegal: Far Lands/Border is reached via glitches, cheat engines or modification.
  • Hardcore: Using no bed respawn (b1.3+) OR playing on hardcore mode (b1.9+).
  • One Life: No healing (eating food/dying to reset health) using inf327 – b1.7.3.

*Later versions add hunger, making food a requirement for actions like walking.

Far Lands Walk: Game Versions Table

Stone Wall
(inf227 – inf325)
Stone Wall 33,554,432Cannot save game
>32M inaccessible >inf313
Falling thru world inf227
Needs FOM to reach legit
Pre-Jump Distance Change
(inf327 – a1.0.3)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Boundary 32,000,000
Far Lands added
Can save game
3 blocks sprint-less jump
Inf624 added world jitter
(a1.0.4 – a.1.0.5_01)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Boundary 32,000,000
Winter mode option addedFAR LANDS BETA INFDEV
(a1.0.6 – a1.1.2_01)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Boundary 32,000,000
Boats and crouching addedFAR LANDS BETA INFDEV
(a1.2.0 – b1.2_02)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Boundary 32,000,000
Nether Intermediate 1,568,852+
Terrain generation changed
Grass texture darkened
Ghost blocks appear at 32M
Nether (8:1 distance) added
(b1.3 -b1.7.3)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Boundary 32,000,000
Nether Intermediate 1,568,852+
Beds added
Sleep provides safe respawn
Stable, most popular version
Old Release
(b1.8 – 1.6.4)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Boundary 29,999,999
Nether Intermediate 1,568,852+
Far Lands removed
Hunger bar added
Blocks past 30M not solid
Needs mod for Far Lands
(1.7 – Latest)
Far Lands 12,550,821
World Border 29,999,984
Nether Intermediate 1,568,852+
Blocks past 30M solid
Ocean generation nerfed
World Border added
Boundary moved 15 blocks
Elytra added in 1.9
Needs mod for Far Lands
Bedrock Edition
(v0.9.0 – 1.17.0)
Stripe Lands 12,550,821*
World Boundary N/A*
Nether Intermediate 1,568,852+
Far Lands in all dimensions
Mobile only
Nintendo only
Bedrock Edition
(1.17.30 – Latest)
World Boundary N/A*Far Lands removed
Ghost blocks past boundary

*Bedrock Edition has no hard World Border and the terrain progressively deteriorates and turns to ghost blocks. A Far Lands-like structure generate in a few specific instances starting in v0.9.0 before being patched. See Bedrock Edition distance effects – Minecraft Wiki & World boundary – Minecraft Wiki.

Java VS Bedrock World Generation

Far Lands Walk: Types of Far Lands

Far LandsThe edge where terrain generation bugs out
Present at 12,550,821 during inf327 – b1.7.3
Corner Far LandsWorld corner where two Far Land walls meet
The diagonal distance is counted same, e.g.:
X=12,5M Z=12,5M instead of X=0 Z=12,5M
Nether Far LandsThe edge where terrain generation bugs out
Generates in same way as normal Far Lands
End Far LandsDoes not exist*
Present in Bedrock Edition (v0.9.0 – 1.17.0)
World BoundaryThere was no hard World Border before 1.7
Boundaries include ghost blocks or crashes
Found at 32M or 30M blocks in all versions
World BorderJava hard limit with ghost blocks beyond
Present at 29,999,984 since version 1.8
1.7 featured a buggier “solid air” Border
Flat worldFar Lands do not exist**MINECRAFT FLAT WORLD BORDER

*All Far Lands were removed in b1.8. The End was added after that in release 1.0. On Java, you would need to use a mod to port over the far lands. On Bedrock, the end Far Lands exist as ghost blocks in a few specific instances described previously.

**There are no terrain noise generators in flat worlds. Nevertheless, one could walk to the Boundary.

Further Reading: Links and Sources

PART 2 TABLES: The Far Lands Walkers COMPLETE LIST 2023

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