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Finally – fish! Coral! Dolphins! DOLPHINS! In Minecraft! About time.


Yesterday at Minecon Earth Jens Bergensten, the lead creative designer at Mojang, announced an upcoming Minecraft update – the update Aquatic! Water has always been a big part of Minecraft, especially after ocean monuments have been added. But the deep oceans were always quite dark and still. Until now!

Update Aquatic

The upcoming update will completely transorm those dark spaces into colourful treaure coves – literally! One of the things to come will be sunken shipwrecks full of treasures! There will also be corals and celp to decorate the bare seabed, and plenty of sealife to liven up the dark depths. Including different types of fish, as well as dolphins!

The update will also improve the water physics – water will finally be able to go through fences, grass and who knows what else! There will also be a new weapon to deal with any threats, on land or underwater – the trident! You’ll be able to enchat it with the Loyalty enchantment – another addition – to make it come back after you throw it. Impaler and Slipstream Dash enchantments will also be added, but what will they do? We don’t yet know!

Turtles will too be added as part of the update Aquatic, which is soon to come out in 2018!

A new icebergs biome will also be added, and the winner of the voting at Minecon Earth, The Monster of the Night Skies, might make an appearance as the first proper flying mob in the game! Although not necessary in the same update…

We don’t yet know when the update will come, but it will for sure be a big one. So what do you think of this all? I love it! And the sooner it comes, the better!

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