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HOUSE OF SOVIETS Minecraft replica

“The House of Soviets is an unfinished building in the city of Kaliningrad. The local people often refer to it as the “buried robot” because its appearance resembles the head of a giant robot which is buried in the ground up to the shoulders.”





Build overview

  • Accurate replica of the House of Soviets, though a bit slimmer (the original building is more squat looking)
  • Built on 1.12 using only blocks, slabs, stairs and glass panes / iron bars, no other details.
  • Size: the building fits roughly into a 40x40x70 cube.
  • Clay, stone and light gray wool used for upper walls, sandstone and brick on the bottom.
  • Glass is light blue and white, and interiors and blacked out.

Making process

  • Color palette / most of the blocks used are in picture below.
  • Started building mid-air from the top (that is, I built the main gray bit first and later added sandstone base)
  • For most of the process, all I had to do was build one half of the building and mirror it (see commands below)
  • Main World Edit commands used:
  • Set, walls and stack for the main building
  • Rotate 180 to mirror parts of the structure and speed things up

Rotated version

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