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Early alpha version of Minecraft

You CAN still play official Minecraft Classic in your browser

Minecraft has long gone past the days of a simple place-and-break-blocks sandbox in your browser. The modern Minecraft website and launcher show no signs of an online “demo” version. Yet,…

premium minecraft blog banner

100 POSTS! +Premium Minecraft rebranding 🎉

This is the 100th post published on this blog! This blog has been my personal notepad, idea and project dump since 2017. Here’s to 100 more posts in the future!…

poster with mc debug sticks

The DEBUG STICK tool is your friend (An overview)

The debug stick is a tool that comes default with Minecraft Java, allowing players to manipulate blocks in their world. Specifically, the stick changes “block states” or “block properties”. These…

distorted creeper MC artwork


Light gray glass pane The light gray glass pane is completely invisible in the Minecraft inventory as they’re the same color. In 2014, Mojang’s Nathan Adams has officially stated “It’s…

Grasslands with village shaders

Minecraft – a realistic short story

You spawn. Flat grasslands surround you. A square sun rises in the east. You have no recollection of how you got here – the bag on your shoulders feels light…

warden mob boss close up

First look at the Warden – Minecraft 1.19 snapshot released

Today (17th Feb 2022) marks the release of the first official snapshot for Minecraft 1.19, AKA the Wild Update! From the Minecraft Wiki, it promises to add ” “scary things” and…


January post – creative tips, survival tricks and more

Sethome trick on servers On survival or factions servers, there’s a trick that might allow you to get into somebody’s base. Use at your own risk! Basically, all these servers…


The Minecraft BETA 1.7 experience (classic Minecraft)

I tried the BETA 1.7 version of Minecraft from June 30 2011, which offers only the very basics of the modern game! It was an interesting experience anyone should try,…


HOUSE OF SOVIETS Minecraft replica

“The House of Soviets is an unfinished building in the city of Kaliningrad. The local people often refer to it as the “buried robot” because its appearance resembles the head of a giant robot which is buried…


How strong is steve? (FULL CALCULATIONS)

The inventory consists of 4 armor slots, 36 storage slots (including the hot bar) and an off-hand slot. There are also 4 crafting grid slots, which can be filled if…


Minecraft tools: Cinema 4D, Mineways and more

Mineways real-time rendering “Mineways lets you export your creations from Minecraft: Java Edition, versions 1.17 and earlier, into 3D files you can use for making images, movies, or 3D prints….


Some bad Minecraft jokes

I hired a creeper to design my home. Let’s say, the style was very… original. Why didn’t the enderman go to the party? They had drinks on the menu. Why…


The Interlace inspired APTS COMPLEX in Minecraft

This is a quick experiment of mine. An apartment complex made from stacked blocks (made from even smaller Minecraft blocks!), inspired by the Interlace by architect Ole Scheeren. The post…


Minecraft’s major unofficial communities and sites

It’s Mojang’s job to upkeep its list of official Minecraft web sites, but the community has so much beyond that to offer! From forums to chat rooms, wikis, build stores…


Inventory basics for any survival adventure

Tools – you never know when an axe, shovel or pick might come in handy! Iron is a good choice of material for tools as well as weapons and armor….


Diamonds: a survivor’s friend or hidden foe?

Here you are, sitting at your computer late at night, fingers hurting from clicking. Going through endless amounts of stone and dirt, falling into caves – or worse, lava… looking…