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colorful tower blocks WIP minecraft city

Build highlight: Warsaw of 2016 – classic Minecraft

This nostalgic project shows that a build doesn’t need much to impress. By modern standards this city, based loosely on Warsaw’s buildings, is very basic. Yet, it is truly impressive for its time, and some of the later additions stand the test of time, including multiple realistic skyscrapers. The city is shown through a truly classic series of videos – low quality, Bandicam watermark, funky music with no editing, and early pre-1.9 Minecraft (considering that the videos are from 2016, the year 1.9 came out).

A diverse range of buildings make up the city, providing many details that a real city would need. There are small homes and alleyways, tower blocks typical of Poland, monolithic glass skyscrapers, a university, airport, graveyard, simple highways and bridges, and more. See the videos below for yourself.

The project is huge, spanning thousands of blocks of a default Minecraft world through plains and forests. As far as I know, NO TOOLS WERE USED, even though World Edit was around back then! I say this because the hotbar in all videos doesn’t show a Wooden Axe tool, and some time-lapse is shown of the time consuming process of manual building. You can even catch glimpses of the destruction caused by the TNT used to make way through mountains. Respect!

I don’t believe a map download was ever posted. The makers, RECPOL STUDIO / RecPol Studio 8294 have disappeared from the internet in 2017 after posting 9 video of the Warsaw city and 2 non-Minecraft videos. Maybe they forgot their password?


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