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wall-e axiom city in minecraft

Build highlight: The Axiom ship city from WALL-E

Player “Figure 8” had taken upon themselves to accurately recreate the WHOLE Axiom ship from Pixar’s WALL-E in the game! A series of 12 videos showcases the full build. In the builders own words:

“This is a build that took since the summer of 2017 to complete. It is the Axiom from Disney’s Pixar film Wall-e. This build includes what I can find in the movie. It even features some locations from the video game versions.”

“Download isn’t possible because this was completed on an old version of iPad. I was unable to transfer this map before the device eventually died on me. Luckily I was able to get video footage of the whole build in 12 more videos.”

This tells us multiple things. 1) Since the build was shared in 2020, it was made over THREE years. 2) If the iPad died then the build may be lost forever. 3) It was built on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, meaning no tools such as World Edit were available to make the building process easy. I salute the work.

One thing I will say though – this build focuses on the vast city within the ship. But there is yet to be someone out there to build the outside of the Axiom ship in Minecraft. Seriously though, that ship is massive, at around 5 kilometers or 3 miles in length:

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