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Blog return and changelog📄

The site, the posts, me… are at last all back! And hopefully better than ever before. Well, I’ve been here all along, getting the website ready through gradual change, but you know. Who wouldn’t want to be “better than ever before”, huh? It took longer than expected, but many issues were solved and many changes were implemented. Read on to the end for an overview of the main changes and behind-the-scenes tweaks!

Some things may still be unfinished or still being changed, but nothing major, so don’t worry about it and leave it to me! You can expect the first (well, second, counting this one!) post to be out in a few days or so. Have a good day and see you then. Previous announcement in case you missed it.

What exactly changed

  • Website hosting (the service that stores the site and lets you access it) changed, which shouldn’t affect things now that it’s all moved.
  • New Server page with an overview of my creative multiplayer server, Inside Creative, is up and being updated as needed!
  • Improvements were made to the About page and homepage – with clearer layout and a more proper introduction to the website!
  • A Terms page was introduced with brief rules and some website information, which I recomment you take a brief glance at.
  • All posts were given a quick review to update content, fix any spelling errors, and tweak anything that needed tweaking.
  • While this is more technical, all images now have alt attributes.
  • Appropriate credit was given to the small fraction of content not made or owned by me, mainly images. Better late than never!
  • Navigating the site on mobile is hopefully easier now (I checked!)
  • Some general look and layout of the website changed, like sidebar and widgets, along other small tweaks I won’t bother mentioning!

More that’s coming soon

  • Things can only get better from here. I’m planning to add a Gallery page to showcase builds and other creative talent of both me (hopefully) you and the wider Minecraft community!
  • Blog posts will resume to normal, ideally on a weekly basis! Here are some totally exciting highlights of what’s to come, or at least some main events that have happened in the nearby past..!
  • A new book, Minecraft: The Crash, was recently released (only a week ago as of 11th July), a successor to the first official Minecraft novel, The Island. It’s another one of those wild fiction reads that transports you to another world – not that I’m about to spoil it!
  • Minecraft’s made a special appearance at the 2018 PC Gamer Weekender, where Jeb himself gave a talk on what’s what with Minecraft development and beyond (did you know Mojang is also working on Cobalt WASD, a 2D co-operative action platformer?)
  • After only 2 posts, the Server of the Month stopped. But fear not, as soon they may resume! So long as I find the inspiration, and time to check out the many great servers we are spoiled with.
  • Lastly, huge updates include Minecraft VR from November 2017. And Minecraft 1.12, the World of Colour update, from… June last year, but still worth mentioning! How did it not get a post here? And not to forget the upcoming Minecon 2018! Plenty to have me writing for days… I better get going.

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