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night time shaders of realistic building

Blog status update ⚙️ Old theme & Modern blog

Short post regarding the recent changes that You may or may not have noticed on the blog. Answering Your questions. TL;DR: I redesigned the site a little and fixed layout errors caused by the cache plugin.



  • Moved social links to the top menu, and all navigation to sidebar.
  • Greatly improved the performance by reworking website caching.
  • Fixed multiple layout errors. (By disabling a single cache setting…)


  • Added top banner and splash text for a true Minecraft vibe.
  • HD upgrade to background image and fixes to the site logo.
  • Put back and removed country flag counter (broke again…)


  • Completely overhauled post tags. See them in sidebar or below.
  • Went over some posts to fix title errors and missing categories.
  • Hopefully found and fixed all lagging YouTube video embeds.
  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service a while back. (…)

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FAQ (outdated)

  • Why is the blog theme (design) like that? Because it works for both sides without being generic. This simple, blocky design works with Minecraft and has all the necessary, easy to manage settings.
  • What is the pageviews counter on the homepage? It’s a piece of code that registers when someone visits the homepage. It’s anonymous and has been running for like 3 years. You can click it to view more – the most recent new country was Liechtenstein! The counter data is generally inaccurate.
  • I have a question, critique or suggestion? Comment below or go to my socials (preferably Discord).
  • Site history and highlights – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG

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