Blog changelog and downsizing


Thinking things through, I’ve realised something. This website is getting too out of hand after all for my time and time-management skills, since I’ve also a server to run, and a life to… live. It’s a bit complicated, but in the end, some previously announced changes were rushed and unnecessary, so I’ll be reverting and further changing some things, and possibly taking a break from blogging altogether! As always, I’m just going to leave a link to the previous announcements and give an overview of what’s what, in case anyone is vaguely interested..!

Downsizing and other changes

  • Replaced unnecessary, fancy and somewhat problematic homepage with simply the blog (putting the focus of this site on the front page)
  • The About, Gallery and Server pages may be removed soon. A short website description will be in the sidebar, and my server will have its own seperate site and community, which I may link to here! Any gallery-worthy builds will be published in their own posts here.
  • Post schedule may be loopy again, and as mentioned I might be taking a break from blogging. Future posts may be spread out or shorter, but I’ll see what I can manage to balance things out.
  • Again, other small design tweaks might be done while I’m at it!
  • As for future posts, some plans include. Looking over Minecraft’s creative side – and I mean everything from books to costumes and art. There’s always something new to admire and explore here!
  • Further exploring Minecraft itself, like its history and expansion to different, lesser known versions and devices over the years. But in saying this, I have no solid plans or drafts and we’ll have to see what the future holds. Comment any thoughts and experiences, and keep on Minecrafting! I’ll end here so to keep things brief and adequate.

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