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How to build SKYSCRAPERS faster in survival Minecraft

Skyscrapers are impressive, but even more so if you build them in survival Minecraft. Here are some tips and ways to speed up the process of building towers. And yes, I can and will do grand modern architecture even in survival!


  • Prepare A LOT of materials. You’ll always need and use more than you think you will. You’ll want stacks of wood, cobble and glass (= stacks of sand and coal). Other materials like bricks will be challenging to get in large enough quantities for a tower, but use what you want.
  • Pick a spot. An optimal location would be simply out on open flat ground. Putting your tower on a hill or mountain will make it stand out even more above everything else.

Faster building

  • Build in vertical layers, with floors “slicing through”. When building on a large scale, you don’t want to spend hours placing each block and detail. You want the walls simple and efficient.
  • Cut corners – literally! If you don’t mind your tower being a little rounder on the corners, you can leave the corners out and save time and materials. Inside, it will look the same.
  • Use efficient materials – consider this in your preparations. For example, mining 100 oak logs will give 400 planks, meaning you get x4 more blocks. Also, if you’re using blocks like diorite, these can be turned into their nicer polished versions without losing anything.
  • Use full glass blocks – this might sound counter productive, and it kind of is because you get less blocks than panes. BUT full glass blocks are so much easier to place for larger windows, so pick what works best for your needs.
  • Inside, build the stairs and place lighting as you go. You can use ladders instead of stairs to save some time and blocks, but this is unnecessary. I also like to add a crafting table on every floor as it’s always useful during building and afterwards.

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