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KurtJMac approaches 10M blocks, could reach Far Lands in 80 days

“I’m ready to take this all the way to the Far Lands if it keeps up” – KurtJMac

“People are addicted to the timer” – Xelanater.

The donations keep pouring in! KurtJMac is currently on Day 70 of the biggest Flob-A-Thon yet, walking to the Far Lands with no end in sight. His “Far Lands or Bust!” series is still going after 13 years! Here are the facts:

How it works

Money -> Timer -> Walk!

The 2024 Flob-A-Thon relies on Twitch subs to fuel the timer that tells Kurt how long to continue walking daily. 1 Sub (€4) adds 2 minutes. Higher tier subs add 10 minutes or more, at a cost. See prices here. Any remaining time in a day carries over to the next day, and the people won’t give Kurt a break!

The Flob-A-Thon has appeared in various iterations in previous years. The previous year only had 54 episodes. This year, Kurt has reached day 70 at the start on July and announced a week-long break.

“The Far Lands or Bust series, now with over 800 episodes on YouTube, has transformed into a fundraiser walk-a-thon for various charity organizations. Since 2011 over $468,000 has been raised by fans

Distance estimates

KurtJMac rarely shows F3. The last confirmed F3 was here on Day 15, showing 8.3 million. We can estimate his current distance using 1) File size in world list, 2) Daily walking distance, 3) Float points.

“2^23 Offset was 60gb. Current world size is 68gb, an 8gb difference. Compared the difference to Raltus, another walker who saw around a 1m block gain. KurtJMac is around 9.4-9.6m blocks in.” – qSav

Using the walking speed estimates, we get roughly 30k blocks per 2 hour stream (Kurt’s streams average 2-4 hours, and he stops for monuments etc). We have 30k blocks over 55 days, starting at the 8.3 million on Day 15. This gives 8.3M + 1.65M = 9.95M blocks.

We can use a middle ground estimate of 9.7M blocks to find that Kurt is 77% of the way there! If he keeps this up, the remaining 2.5M blocks divided by 30k gives 80 DAYS LEFT. (Regardless if in the Flob-A-Thon or after it).

KurtJMac Links

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