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Talking of Minecraft Mob votes… [Minecraft Live 2022]

Minecraft Live AKA MineCon returns in a week alongside a brand new mob vote! The livestream will begin on October 15th at noon, 12 EDT time. Mob overview below.

From the official website: Minecraft Live | Minecraft

“Tune in to our epic livestream for the newest news, deep dives, and the reveal of the mob vote winner! This year, you can vote for a new mob on, in the launcher, or by playing our special carnival map for Bedrock Edition. “

2022 mob vote options

Mob vote – Tuff Golem

Mob vote – Rascal

  • A hunchback pale-green minion carrying a backpack
  • “The rascal lurks in underground mines, waiting to be found. If you spot the same rascal three times, it will reward you with a prize so keep your eyes open!”
  • Possible pros: finally a friendly cave mob, possibility of rare/useful-while-mining item drops
  • Possible cons: we don’t know how its spawning/loot tables would be balanced
  • Minecraft Live 2022: Vote for the Rascal! – YouTube

Mob vote – Sniffer

By /u/AuradioHiro

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