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realistic blocky creeper artwork

Minecraft is – A horror game (A look at realistic fan art)

(This post doesn’t directly contain any images.) You spawn. Alone. In a world where everything is trying to kill you. The mobs take every opportunity to attack. The daily grind leaves you starving. Hell and heaven – the Nether and End – offer no peace.

Like in real life, you become the infection the world tries to rid of. And you must ruthlessly destroy the environment to ensure your own survival. But now let’s take things a step further – imagine the reality of Minecraft – the terrifying monsters and dimensions – in real life.

  • The Nether is literal hell. It is a never-ending cavern shrudded in darkness. Your skin burns from the heat of the deadly oceans of lava – the only source of light. Every life form is a fleshy or skeletal enemy. And do NOT search for “realistic Minecraft ghasts” – massive tentacled monsters hovering in the sky. The empty halls of the dark fortresses are the only half-familiar place.
  • The end is a tiny island of cold rock floating in a vast void. The empty vacuum sucks out all heat from the island. A powerful clawed dragon flies above, and hundreds of slendermen-like entities await for you to stare into their glowing eyes. Monolithic pillars are the only structure.
  • The overworld is relatively safe. But in the night, terrifying four-legged creepers with dark holes for the eyes and mouth come out – suicide bombers. Rotting zombies and literal skeletons hide in the dark. Phantoms, large birds of prey with exposed bones, strike out of nowhere.
  • Mineshafts, desert temples, underwater temples, nether fortresses, the end pillars… These massive structures stand out of the natural terrain. Who made them? Why are they abandoned? Only the NPC villages remain human-like. Yet, the mute, armless gem-hoarders are unsettling.
  • Of course, let’s not forget the urban legend – the only God-like entity in the game – Herobrine…

COVER IMAGE BY DISRUPT Minecraft’s Deadliest Hack – YouTube (Video Edited by: 10Tapes Adam E BebopFilms Huiyi C JonyBravuh Kitegun Martyckus Nancy R Northh QDC Veeti Taimisto YLLW)

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  • (I took the fan art out of the post because kid friendly blog, go Google it yourself)

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