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Build highlight: Heliopolis city

A solo project of epic proportions, this is the city of Heliopolis! In the works since 2012, this is a personal project of an unknown italian builder. And while somewhat simple in its layout and design, it does not fail to impress!

The city is set on a main central island, however has long since expanded past the river and is now twice the size. It spans 7000 x 4000 blocks and continues to slowly grow over the years. Its creator uses the MCEdit program to make building easier, and port the project over to newer versions of Minecraft.


There is a HUGE selection of architectural styles in town. Everything from traditional to modern. Greek to Chicago. Japanese to European. Medieval to experimental. And each neighborhood has its own prevailing style to set it apart from the rest.

Huge glass towers and cubic apartments line the river. The town center features both historic land marks and modern offices. There are farms, factories, rows of apartment blocks and pleasing geometric gardens.

The Planet Minecraft page for the project is linked at the top of this post. There you can find the most recent download, and a detailed break down of the city and what’s there to explore!

If we’re being picky, then the town makes heavy use of repetition and grid like streets. This is especially noticeable from above, and takes some realism and interest away – but hey, this is Minecraft. We’ll let it slide, alongside the fact that the streets are completely empty, no cars, like the previous city featured on the blog. That’s all for this highlight!


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