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paw patrol hq in minecraft

Paw Patrol the Movie HQ in Minecraft

Here is my attempt to recreate the pups headquarters in Adventure City. The HQ appears in the 2021 animated Paw Patrol movie. There is a full interior and a bit of the tower’s surrounding area. It’s fairly accurate.

Quick behind the scenes

The build was made in my spare time over a few days. I used a single clip from the movie as reference. The blocks used are concrete, iron blocks, polished blackstone and glass.


I started with the front of the tower. The back of it had to be made-up since we never get to see it. For the big sphere, I used the World Edit //hsphere command to make the glass, then manually added details. Once I was happy with the exterior, I manually made the inside. The important bit was the central elevator and the area inside the sphere. The rest of the tower contains a few made-up “maintenance floors”.

Side note: I cannot NOT point this out, but at one point in the movie the pups and Ryder go into a long hallway room to put their kits on. And I simply refuse to believe this hallway would fit anywhere in the tower, so obviously movie trickery was used.


For the surroundings, I built accurate roads and parks to “ground” the tower somewhere and add more to explore. The buildings are simple cubes (made with World Edit //faces) to not distract from the HQ tower. They are roughly accurate in size and color based on what we see in an aerial shot in the movie.


Lastly I added the pups Truck on the central road, which can be seen in the video below. Yes, I know it’s over-sized compared to everything, and would barely fit into the tower’s garage. Oh well.

Tour + comparison pics

(Click image)

yt thumbnail preview paw patrol hq

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