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Quick mid-monthly post (images and ideas)


Tiny render distance

  • SURVIVAL CHALLENGE: try and survive in Minecraft on a tiny render distance of 2 chunks! Incredible inconvenient – you’ll easily miss a sheep, village or creeper that’s just outside your field of view!
  • CREATIVE HELP: when taking screenshots of small builds or parts of them, a tiny render distance might help. It will cancel out all background clutter, and only show the thing you are looking at up close.

World edit commands

The WORLD EDIT GUI mod is incredibly useful for two reasons. One, it physically shows you the outlines of all your wand selections (useful for complex selection modes). Two, it has this quick command reference that pops up, see the image below. A really good world edit start guide, alongside the BUILDLIB website:

Quick vehicle builds

4 small vehicle builds! An everyday city car, a larger SUV or 4×4 type car, and two motorcycles. Many blocks can be used to create the actual cars, here I used quartz, stone and woods. But the details were added with trapdoors, buttons, levers, signs, open fence gates and ladders! Realistic shapes, depth and detail help bring these builds to life.

Village architecture

The architecture of Minecraft’s villages (pre 1.14 update) was simple yet full of possibility. The village always offered a safe haven for players, and could be turned into a mighty base. It’s always interesting to see what kind of things players came up with! Here are some good ideas and points to consider when “recycling” the Minecraft village:

  • PROTECT: light up the village as soon as you can! Adding a wall or other boundary around the village is always good – especially if there are already natural borders like mountains or a river nearby (which you could connect with a wall, like having a wall merge with a mountain).
  • CONNECT: connect the small village houses together to make larger homes for you and the villagers. There are pretty much always some houses lined up in such a way, that you can nicely fill the gap in between.
  • EXPAND: add more floors to the existing houses. Normal homes (with triangle roofs) can be expanded up, while the little square houses could become watch towers! P.S. The blacksmith is always a good building to build up and live in.
  • FURNISH: make sure you add enough doors and beds (depending on your Minecraft version) to sustain and increase the village population (= more trades). Craft an iron golem or two if there are none in the village!

Special feature: XAVORIA CITY

One of Minecraft’s upcoming largest projects, with multiple modern cities in the same world! Xavoria is a fictional country in the South Pacific Ocean. It has its own website, flag, transport network and so on. You can see everything on the Planet Minecraft page for the project:



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