November post – farms, spawners, Hypixel and Mojang


November newsletter with random thoughts and findings. May or may not be updated.

Zombie spawner and farm

A bit on mob farms (may be extended in a seperate post). Turning a zombie spawner into a mob farm is fairly simple. For the most basic manual farm, you just need to get mobs from A to B in order to safely kill them for EXP and loot.

  1. Secure the spawner (place torches on all sides). Remove the loot chests.
  2. Dig out the whole floor under the spawner by a few blocks.
  3. On one side of the room, dig out a single row of blocks at the bottom. Place water there (along the whole lenght) so that it spills and pushes the zombies to the other side.
  4. You could place water by the wall and not in it, but there will be a one-block row of still (non-moving) water that won’t push the zombies. The zombies should come towards you anyway, but this might be problematic for automatic farms.
  5. On the other side of the spawner room, dig out a room for you to stand in and grind zombies. The only window to the mob spawner should be a slab-tall slot a block above the ground. (This prevents baby zombies from going through.)
  6. To collect loot, place a chest to the side, and lead hoppers to it. You need a row of hoppers right on the other side of the slit (by the wall and under the water). The water will automatically lead all dropped items into the hoppers!

Automatic zombie farms

To streamline the process, you can make an automatic farm. Look online for tutorials, or below are some ideas. A note on automatic farms: you need to be near the spawner for the zombies to spawn (i.e. AFK farming).

  • FALL DAMAGE: Instead of a room for you on one side, extend the spawner room until the water spill stops (7 blocks). Right where the water ends, make a large drop that the zombies will be pushed into. At the bottom, add hoppers.
  • LAVA DAMAGE: Works only prior to the Update Aquatic. Add a small drop like in the previous point, and place a single row of lava held up by signs mid-way down. The fire damage and fall damage will kill off the zombies, but you might have to experiment. This is good if you can’t or don’t want to make a huge drop. Add hoppers at bottom.
  • You could place lava at the bottom of the drop, a block above ground… but the EXP and drops will burn up!
  • RED STONE: You can use red stone in many ways to create mob farms. For example, make a tiny drop and have the zombies land on top of hoppers and activate trip wire hook string at their feet. This activates pistons at head level, which push a block out and suffocate them. Note I have not tested this!

Hypixel builders and more

The scale of the Hypixel server is something else, and with that comes huge effort from behind the scenes. These are some interesting links I found. The first is the Twitter account of Hypixel builders – their stuff is good! The other two links are to interesting threads on the Hypixel forums with some behinds the scene stuff from admins and builders.


Mojang accounts migration

Lastly, Minecraft is slowly migrating Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts. I’ll keep it short and say this – should you migrate? Most likely yes.

We both know Microsoft will eventually phase out Mojang accounts in favor of their own. Once you migrate you will be unable to access your old account anyway. So I see no point in delaying the inevitable. You’ll just need to sign up for a Microsoft account, and will get a red cape for migrating early (i.e. now). However, to each their own. Over and out.


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