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Christmas post – builds, bedwars and the Minecraft blog

December newsletter for the connoisseur of Minecraft content. Contains builds, blog updates, and a special feature! Bedwars creative madness MERRY CHRISTMAS! Merry christmas! While I do not have anything christmasy…


Hypixel skyblock and housing builds

Skyblock personal island Housing – peaceful city Housing – city parkour Housing – traditional PvP


November post – farms, spawners, Hypixel and Mojang

November newsletter with random thoughts and findings. May or may not be updated. IMAGES: HYPIXEL Zombie spawner and farm A bit on mob farms (may be extended in a seperate…


Server of the Month: September ? – Hypixel

Every month I’ll be nominating a server for the ‘Server of the Month’ award to show you guys some of the best servers out there! And this month’s winner is…