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No Minecraft 2 – On 1.20, performance fixes and the state of Java

1.20 is here! This post is meant to give a quick overview of new content in 1.20, its performance, as well as some of my own notes on the direction Microsoft is taking with Minecraft Java and Bedrock.

1.20 New Content

1.20 Performance

  • Minecraft Java’s performance has steadily declined with the growing list of new content.
  • Some comparison data here: The Downfall Of Minecraft’s Performance – YouTube
  • But I’m happy to say Java 1.20 has much improved the performance in a quick test! The light engine has been modified, changing how light is calculated on each block in the world (= less lag)
  • You can also try go to Launcher > Installations > Select your version > More options > And change the allocated RAM value in the bit of code. This may improve performance in certain situations.
  1. [10:29 AM]No way, they actually improved the performance of 1.20! It turned on much much quicker for me, PC was silent the whole time
  2. [10:30 AM]Joined a world, much better
  3. [10:30 AM]Time to test world creation
  4. [10:32 AM]World creation is smoother but still takes a long time to create and stabilize ingame
  5. [10:32 AM]No wonder with all the new content over the years

The state of Java and Bedrock

  • Since Microsoft bought Minecraft, the game was much commercialized. E.g.
    • Pushing forward multiple new games and merging everything together in the conveniently redesigned website and launcher
    • Pushing forward certain corporate agendas to a kids block game and censoring Notch from his own creation
    • Sunsetting Mojang accounts in favor of convenient all-in-one Microsoft gaming accounts. Here’s a funny sad story on this: I think my Minecraft account is banned forever lol – YouTube
  • Bedrock has been pushed forward because it is more tightly controlled and more profitable (E.g. by giving away free Bedrock to Java versions). Bedrock is greatly convenient for Microsoft:
    • There are no millions of free servers – only a specific profitable few, or overpriced realms.
    • There are no millions of free maps, mods, textures and shaders – you buy virtual currency and pay on the Marketplace. The content creators use clickbait to win over kids and make $$.
    • There is less freedom with controversial Player Safety Features, such as chat reporting.
  • Ignoring the clickbait title, here’s more thoughts: Microsoft Will Delete Minecraft Java. – YouTube
  • But Java is here to stay. Even if its freedom is not profitable, it is too popular to shut down and too different to merge with Bedrock. It skyrocketed Minecraft to mainstream internet popularity.


  • NEW: This video says it perfectly. Has the simple sandbox become… too much? Too frequent updates? The Secret Truth About Mojang… – YouTube
  • Whether you feel this is good or bad, Minecraft has gotten objectively easier due to the new content and mechanics. Some very real food for thought: Has Minecraft Gotten Too Easy??? – YouTube
  • The grass block icon of the Minecraft launcher has been changed to a flat modern design creeper.
  • In 1.19.3, the creative inventory layout was completely changed. I discussed it further in a previous post, but in short – for the first time items are grouped by *type*, a major controversial change.
  • In 1.19.4 the world creation on Java has been changed to a tabbed system like in the image below.
  1. [10:34 AM]Nostalgia can be, but it’s still very much the same game
1.20 world creation menu tabs


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