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Minecraft 1.19.3 new creative inventory layout

I don’t play on the newest versions so I didn’t notice at first. However, a major change in update 1.19.3 has been the complete re-organization of the creative inventory. Some tabs were renamed, a whole new Colored Blocks and Spawn Eggs tab was added, and everything was moved around.

Items are no longer sorted by their original number ID and instead purely by theme! This makes sense since number IDs were removed in the Flattening in 1.13, but as a creative builder using World Edit commands with IDs, and finding items in the inventory that way, it will take getting used to.

It threw me off as a long time player used to the classic layout. Must be the nostalgia again. I won’t go over everything below – you’ll want to see things for yourself in-game.

  • Blocks are now sorted very differently.
  • The Building Blocks tab now contains more than blocks, such as each type of wood door, fence, wall, pressure plate. It shows wood types at the very beginning, and moves some of the “other” classic blocks like glowstone and diamond block to the end.
  • Classic blocks like grass are now in the Natural tab.
  • New Colored Blocks tab, showing a satisfying rainbow of wools, terracotta, concrete, beds and more.
  • Items appear duplicate if they technically fit into multiple categories. For example, beds appear both under Colored and Useable items.
  • The new miscellaneous tab is called Ingredients and contains the unsortable “other” items used in crafting.
  • The foods tab is now called “Food and Drink”
  • The classic Diamond sword has been replaced by a Netherite sword for the weapons tab. Instead, the Tools tab now boasts a diamond pickaxe instead of the silver axe. Also, TNT now appears under both Redstone and Weapons.
  • New Spawn Eggs tab for the spawner block and all spawn eggs (The new versions have a lot of mobs)

More discussion in my Reddit thread:

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