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Inventory considerations if mining underground

Tools – take a few extra shovels and picks (iron or better pickaxe is required for many ores and Fortune helps a LOT). An extra sword might be worth bringing too, while a bow may be unnecessary.

Torches and food – obviously, take more. Caves are dark and mining is tiring. Although, soon enough you should mine enough coal to self-sustain, in case that you need extra torches, so long as you took planks.

Clock – optional, but will show you the current time up on the surface. Before you choose to barge out into a mob-infested night above ground. A bed isn’t necessary below ground.

Buckets – useful for gathering lava, breaking falls with water, or helping you clear the way, including turning lava into obsidian (hence, its worth taking a bucket pre-filled with water).

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This post is part of a small multi-part guide. Click the “Inventory” tag in the sidebar or search for “Inventory” on the blog. Share your own tips in the comments and I hope this was useful!


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