Hub project: Sustainable modern city talk

Render of sustainable city modern hub

This new creative build was done in 3 days! This is a modern city with an eco-punk or sustainable theme. I really like how it turned out – the shapes and toned down color scheme come together real well. As usual there is an interior – with a twist. Read more info below and check out the showcase and time-lapse here:

Sustainable modern city YT thumbnail

Behind the scenes of the city

Here’s some random details I didn’t really share anywhere else. This was a quick build done to welcome visitors to the ModernCraft creative server where I build commissions. The “design brief” from the server staff was very light, allowing me to experiment and have fun with the project (for which I am grateful).

Terrain: I made a simple 256×256 island in WorldPainter with some rocks by the coastline. There is an option to make a circular world there, which I used to give the hub a “complete” look and make it the “center” of the world. Since the circle shape cuts out the map corners, and since there is water around, the actual city is 150×150 in size.

Foundations: To add finite roads to the city without breaking the “complete look”, I made them break apart into pieces where they meet water. There are only 2 roads serving as main paths as this is a car-free city. Instead, every buildings is connected by little bridges at the ground floor foundations. Most buildings have a separate lobby floor or are lifted up on stilts, allowing a clear flow when walking around.

Buildings: I treated each building as a whole separate entity, having fun with shapes and designs. They are unified through my unique build style and the toned down color scheme. The colors are what really gives the city realism and unity – they give an almost industrial, clean look. For the sustainable theme, I added a random leaf cover to most walls, and gave each roof prominent solar panel infrastructure.

Assets: Lastly I found this great creative build assets bundle online, which I used to add the organics to complete the city – trees, as well as a large whale, seahorse and fish. I feel they make the city truly unique and add to the theme and overall look. I could make my own trees, but for the purposes of this quick build, this was a good, higher quality option. Side note, I’m looking to try organics in the future 🤔

Interiors: I left the interiors empty with lights, stairs, lifts and some walls. The plan is to collaborate and let a different member of the ModernCraft server furnish each building! Thanks to Rooster, ModernCraft.


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