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among us crewmates built ingame

How to (not) win at Build Battle

Do NOT build the theme

This one is important! If you want to win, remember to not build exactly what the theme is asking for. Building the theme is unnecessary as long as you win. The theme is probably something weird anyway like a panda or a helicopter. Follow the other tips to win.

Do NOT build realistic

Overly realistic submissions take more effort and lose every time. No one likes realism in build battle. Don’t do it, it’s pointless. Why would you want realism in a funny block game? It’s not even HD.

Do pixel art

A foolproof way to win – open Google and search up pixel art for whatever you want really, and copy the pixel grid block by block. This works best for things like animals. You can also use your phone to look up pixel art so that you’re not switching tabs constantly.

Do Among Us

(Warning: cringe) Funny crewmates, if built with care, are guaranteed to get you the votes you want. They are VERY sus and will make your fellow competitors want to call an emergency meeting by pressing the “Legendary” button.

Do nothing

Did you know how many people vote “Legendary” for a single block of dirt labelled with a “Dert” sign? Minimalism is a growing trend in our society, so it only makes sense that people will appreciate such beautiful art as a single block, or a tidy, empty plot.

On a serious note though, here is an actual, overly detailed Build Battle guide by Hypixel forums user Jjoogood: [Guide] How to win with Build Battle | Hypixel – Minecraft Server and Maps

[Also this guy’s good but not build battle: Yukari – YouTube]

Or see YouTube: 5 Tips To ALWAYS Win Build Battle! – YouTube

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