Some Christmas announcements ❄


Merry Christmas! Yes, December is finally here – a time to embrace the fire place warmth, but also a time for change! Things will change around here, and possibly a lot. I have big (and probably over-ambitious) plans which I hope will come to life at the start of 2018 on this website. But first off, a thank you for checking back, and may your December and New Year be good! Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Now, moving on to the blog stuff. As mentioned, change is hopefully right round the corner in hope of expanding and improving this site. There may be downtime and mess for a time, but not that many people will be affected as things are at the minute.

Implementing these things might be gradual and unnoticed, or could mess up the site for a while! I hope it’ll be worth it though. Any feedback and ideas are always appreciated. Also, please note that while we’re all busy wrapping gifts and celebrating, posts will cease for a while on the blog. Either way, if you’re reading this then I wish you a jolly season, happy end to the year, and I’ll see you whenever! The plan in short…

  • Website hosting will be changing, which may or may not affect anything and cause a short downtime for the blog.
  • An updated, clearer homepage to account for the changes.
  • New seperate page about my personal creative server, as well as revision to the actual About page of this site?
  • Some kind of rules or terms page with some general info?
  • Possible reviews and improvements to past posts on the blog.
  • A fresh new look to the whole website, in the form of a theme change or changes to the current and slightly cluttered look.
  • To add to the above. Hopefully things like loading times or the responsiveness of the site for phone/tablet users will improve.

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