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ps3 xmas minigame map decor

PS3 mini games — tumble Christmas map

This is a quick look at the limited time CHRISTMAS MAP on the Minecraft PS3 tumble mini game! I’m leaving this here for reference, and to add a touch of winter to the blog. I’ve not found this map anywhere else online. The builders of this map are unknown, but clearly skilled in their craft.

There’s still time to see it in person! Play tumble with at least 3 people to allow the 3rd person to explore the outer area up close while spectating after death. Note: The map works on PS4 as well, because you can enter the old PS3 edition of Minecraft through the main menu and access mini games! XBOX should also have the map.

Christmas map features

  • Outer area is a Christmas themed village with wooden houses covered in snow.
  • On each of the 4 sides of the map, there stands a different “landmark”. Nutcracker statue, creeper Santa statue, Christmas tree and a large wooden mansion.
  • Santa Claus flies above the map in his sleigh, leaving a trail of presents behind him.
  • The actual map (platforms) at the center randomly changes themes. The themes are gingerbread house, wreath, bauble, snowman and snowflake.
  • You are forced to use the Christmas texture pack, which changes some things completely, like turning grass into an army of little snowmen!

Map types and pictures

Right click and open image in new tab for full size!

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