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Build highlight: Infinity City!

“The most complex modern city in Minecraft”

This amazing (and truly complex) city is the work of player Minecraft Expert. This no longer active master builder owns the no longer running Architects MC creative server, which I’ve featured before on the blog!

The city was in the works for a whole 4 years, with the help of players Mikeyto1o and Beckers Hero. And their efforts weren’t wasted as it stands! Most certainly not.

A variety of towers and sky scrapers make up this epic city. Buildings line the water to the very edge. An impressive cable bridge leads into the city. Glass towers soar above the small city streets, and simple shapes come together to make interesting and colorful forms.

The repetitive floors and patterns show clear use of the World Edit mod. Yet, even with that, it took years to make! True dedication. And all that in default Minecraft, back when fancy shaders or textures (or Minecraft cities!) weren’t really a thing!

I’ll let Infinity City speak (do cities speak?) for itself – take a look yourself.

Infinity City:—the-most-complex-modern-city-on-minecraft/

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