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detail of a modern glass facade cubic

Update #3: Dead/side projects and shenanigans

If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start. -Charles Bukowski

So much to build, so little time. -MMDL

I hate leaving things unfinished. But as a creative artist, there will always be incomplete projects, failed ideas, and never realized inspirations. For the good of the creative process, of course.

It doesn’t help that I am also easily distracted with side projects (even if they become great completed works). Here I shall list some such shenanigans of mine and provide some insight on each one.

Chernobyl NPP

The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant needs no introductions. I built a mini mock-up of a part of it for a redundant commission and never went further. I decided to share the WIP file on my Patreon, but there’s not much there. What you see is what you get:

WIP chernobyl NPP real life vs ingame

Real Duplex Home V2

I have previously published my “55 | Real Duplex Home” build. It was an utter failure – the world files I shared for it had been corrupted. I managed to find a WIP version of the build and re-create and share it again. And now to add to that graveyard – here’s a little experiment of an alternative Duplex home design featuring only one floor. Both Duplex homes were based off traditional (old) designs:

collage simple realistic duplex home build

The Junkyard project

This is a collaboration I have started with builder LocalFarmer. We work odd evenings on bringing everything together. The project features custom terrain and will have high detail vehicles and architecture based off Hamish Frater’s work, set within a fenced off junkyard. Updates coming soon.


This is a completed build! But it was impulsive so I’ll count it as a side project. Project Run 2 is a community collaboration to create a parkour race, where each section is made by a different builder. All info is in the video below – you will be able to play the map when Project Run 2 releases:

YT fake preview city parkour map

Medieval snow hub

While I’m a modern builder, I sometimes branch out to other styles of realism. So yes, here’s an impulsive medieval side project! I’m sure you can see the modern influence if you look at the village houses. The first time I attempted building this map I wasn’t happy, so I actually re-made the whole thing…

This build forced to look into World Painter’s features of schematic pasting, biome painting and other world settings I should have known earlier. It’s just Microsoft Paint but for Minecraft worlds!


A major realism city project I’m part of. Here is some new progress on the first buildings of New Gala. Fun fact: Half the towns in ModernCraft were suggested by me in honor of the lost and corrupted worlds from my former creative server Inside Creative. These are Clover city, Westernfield and Lubenford.

I also dedicated a full 2 days to rendering out clean thumbnails of every building we have made so far. You can see some of that on the ModernCraft project page on PlanetMinecraft.

Screenshot modern seaside buildings

The Minecraft Line

The improved V2 terrain of Saudi Arabia has been imported in-game last month. ModernCraft is on hiatus so I run out of excuses to not start the Line city replica! Progress will be shared on the Line updates page.


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