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red sandstone cliffs and snow screenshot

Update #2: Ongoing projects, new skills, the Line.

Short list to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. You deserve an explanation since I delayed The Line project and side-tracked. Either way, new builds keep releasing so that’s good.

Skills, commissions

  • I’ve been expanding my skills to bring you better content showcase. I recently did my first:
    • 360 Blender render (=a fancy way to present my new builds in posts)
    • Build timelapse (=a better and interesting glimpse into my workflow)
  • I’m also experimenting with sharing my builds on new social profiles (Twitter and TikTok) for those who prefer that. MegaMinerDL everywhere.
  • I’ve been doing multiple side project commissions. I am now open to render and build commissions to give others my years of experience.

My build projects

  • The ModernCraft project is my current ongoing major side project. It’s a realism city project. It’s refreshing to work in a texturepack and the project taught me tips for better realism and interiors.
  • The Line (Saudi Arabia) recreation is very much still planned. I lost motivation after issues with the terrain but real updates are coming soon.
  • I’d like to continue the Norwich project in the future. P.S. Blog posts here are always more or less ongoing 🙂


  • See cover image of this post.
  • Saudi Arabia desert at 1:2 scale 10,000 x 10,000 custom map for THE LINE! The terrain is very simple and empty due to its size, because I only need a rough replica and THE LINE CITY will be the most important thing on the map! Work starts soon.
  • MegaMinerDL | Minecraft architecture & replicas | Patreon for world download, heightmap, WorldPainter file & more

Update: WORLDPAINTER REAL LIFE HEIGHTMAPS TUTORIAL: 2023: Import real life terrain heightmaps into Minecraft (WorldPainter tutorial by & for newbies) – YouTube

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