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Recently the blog has had major visual changes and simplification, and all previously removed posts have been republished! It’s kind of obvious in case you’ve been here before. So now, moving onto some general ideas for fresh content on the blog! And while we look into the future, anyone interested in the past can check here for the website’s history and post highlights.

Furthermore, I’ve thought of accepting guest writers (may be problematic) or opening a forum (may be unnecessary). This site used to be a forum before after all. But this is pure speculation, so we’ll see if anything changes. For now, simply thank you for visiting! Stop and smell the content…

Possible upcoming content

  • Something on the wide breadth of Minecraft’s art and literature.
  • An overview of Minecraft’s expanding reach, including Minecraft Earth and VR, Story Mode or Cobalt WASD.
  • A visual history of the Minecraft launcher or game versions.
  • Something on the (fascinating?) mechanics of procedural terrain generation, villages and structures that make up the world.
  • Some general guides to gameplay, and how not to survive your first night?
  • Building reviews or tutorials, such as basic roads, cars, buildings (low quality reference: https://imgur.com/a/s3gxj9v)
  • Something on the modding community or development, sharing my experience of running a server for 2 years.
  • Anything! These are vague ideas, there are endless possibilities.

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