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Site history and highlights

Minecraft has for years served as an ever changing source of creativity, entertainment and education for all manner of players. This post is just another update to the blog, and a chance to reflect on these past years of crafting, mining and combat! From forum to blog, server and beyond, I take a personal dive into this site and its archives, with a summary of some more interesting findings laid out below.

Minecraft Premium forums

As far as the Wayback Machine is concerned, this website has served as a forum long before anything else. In April 2012, a full-out internet forum for Minecraft enthusiasts was at its prime, with thousands of posts and a record of nearly 1000 concurrent users at peak traffic, as per their count! The forum ran on MyBB firmware, and seemingly found great success in those early days of the game (back when the web was so simple!)

Sadly, no further archives of exist until 2017, when this humble blog had replaced it. The forums had closed for unknown reasons, and seemingly left no trace on the web. However, the above linked backup is fairly extensive, with working links to many pages, categories ad even profiles on the forum.

From what I gather, the forums were owned by the self-named proud owner “Elliot”. Staff included “bobjon” and “synHaxtm”. Categories included servers, graphics and screenshots, creations and modding, griefing, marketplace and other general and support threads. There was a donation, rank and award system in place, as you’d expect from a forum. Really good stuff for the community!


Premium Minecraft blog

While humble in comparison to the forum’s glory days, the blog you are reading right now stands in place of what has come and gone. There have been ups and downs, and things I’m more or less proud of, but it is what it is! And then again, the glory days of text based forums themselves have gone by, unless the original is counted, up and booming since 2009! This blog has, for the past few years, been more or less my personal scrap of the web. And when put alongside my creative portfolio, then I’d be lying if I called it a mediocre undertaking!

I hope it has served you well, even if just once or twice, and continued the Premium legacy. The counter in the sidebar continues to rise day by day after all, with over 1,500 visits and counting this past year! And while I can’t say what the future holds, I’ve once again outlined some possible and promising plans for the blog, whenever I get round to it… More on that in a second follow-up post.

Furthermore, all past blog content as far as 2017 has been restored to its former glory, after its unnecessary removal earlier this year! Some good, some informative, and some outright hilarious in comparison to today. Feel free to browse to your heart’s content, if you wish – I handpicked some highlights to summarize these past few months and years…


Highlights from the blog

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