The DEBUG STICK tool is your friend (An overview)

poster with mc debug sticks

The debug stick is a tool that comes default with Minecraft Java, allowing players to manipulate blocks in their world. Specifically, the stick changes “block states” or “block properties”. These are extra pieces of data that define how a block appears and behaves, making the debug stick great for creative building.

The debug stick looks like a regular stick, but with an enchanted glint. Very mysterious. It has many specific uses, many of which will be useless to you, but some will definitely be useful for creating detail in your builds. The debug stick works a bit like the replace or set commands in the World Edit mod, and the two go well together for creating special blocks on a large scale.

What you need

How it works

Left click: Hitting a block with the debug stick lets you cycle through the block properties to choose the one you wish to change. The current block property will display on the bottom of your screen.

For example, the “facing” property defines which direction the block is orientated. And the “half” property allows you to turn a slab or stair block upside down. The full list of blockstates is available on the wiki ( ), but of course these properties display ingame anyway.

Right click: Using the debug stick lets you change your selected block state! Right clicking cycles through the possible ways the block property can be set to. For example, cycling the “facing” property allows you to choose from north, east, west and south. And the “half” property can be top or bottom.

Example uses

  • Change how walls and fences connect with neighboring blocks in your build.
  • Set powered rails to be always powered, without any redstone torch.
  • Create floating ladders and rails.
  • Make “glitched” blocks such as a piston head without the piston, or a half-bed.
  • Experiment or look online for ideas.

Creative uses

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