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Summary of Fallen Kingdom and Take Back the Night

Summary of Find The Pieces and Dragon Hearted is here in PART 2.

The Fallen Kingdom

The King wanders through his empty, ruined kingdom. We see constant flash backs as he remembers a time when the land prospered with happy citizens, and hostile mobs would be taken to the castle dungeons. One night however, a hooded Herobrine breaks in unseen and detonates TNT at the dungeon walls. All mobs are freed into the streets, over powering the citizens and guards.

The King escapes with his wife and son to the castle. As they are crossing a bridge, a creeper explodes and seperates the King from his family. The oncoming mobs force him to flee. He arrives at a tower at the other end of the bridge. A dead end. Left with no other choice, he salutes to the oncoming horde and jumps down into the darkness.


Take Back The Night

A group of villagers explore the kingdom’s ruins after the attack. They find the King’s son alive under rubble – the Queen didn’t make it. He is taken to their village and left in the hands of an elder. Throughout the years, the pair begins combat training by a nearby waterfall.

One time, the Prince falls though the ground into an ancient library, where a prophecy on the wall illustrates his progress. Prince has indeed aquired great skill. At last, he over powers his elder master and wins in a sword fight. The mile stone signals that he is ready.

The pair make it back to their village, only to find it burning and over run with pigmen. A nether portal stands at the center, and a mutated pigman with a chain mace roads the village, wrecking great havoc. They defend the surviving villagers from the horde. The elder lures the mutant under a collapsing roof, and takes a scroll from his body.

However, the mutant survives, and strikes the unaware elder from behind. His lifeless body is thrown back and crushed with the mace. The Prince is shook – he pushes the pigman mutant halfway through the nearby nether portal and breaks it, slicing the mutant in two. The attack is over, and rain comes down as the Prince grieves over the elder.



Later, the elder is laid down inside of a desert temple. The mutant’s scroll is now in Prince’s possession, revealed to be a map to Herobrine’s fortress. The Prince, furious, grabs a diamond sword from the ruined village and sets off on horse back for revenge. He arrives at the fortress after crossing many biomes and braving mobs and an obsidian guardian mutant.

Inside, the hooded Herobrine awaits, and blasts the ground into pieces, with lava underneath. After a short stand off in hand to hand combat, the Prince deflects one of Herobrine’s fireballs, disabling and stabbing him before he can recover. The battle is won, and the Prince leaves on horse back. Behind him, the silent ruins of the Herobrine’s fortress crumble into the lava.


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