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Summary of Find The Pieces and Dragon Hearted

Previous summary of the Fallen Kingdom and Take Back The Night.

Find The Pieces

We return to the Fallen Kingdom, during the attack. Before escaping with his family, the King is seen opening a concealed room with a completed end portal. He takes one of the ender eyes out the frame. Later, as he is cornered and jumps from the tower, we see the King land in a small pool of water, with the ender eye safely with him. The scene flips to Herobrine standing over the portal, furious at the missing eye.

The Prince wakes up from this flash back in curious shock. He finds a map of the lands in the village where he still lives (under heavy repairs from the nether horde). His father’s ruined kingdom is marked on the map. He sets off for this destination on a hired boat.

Meanwhile, the scene switches to the nether, where a bustling kingdom has been built by the pigmen. They are shown to have 3 wither heads. Two pigmen are sent through a portal to a large human city in the Overworld. The streets are empty in the night. They spawn a Wither and escape, leaving it to spread chaos in the city.



At this time Prince is nearby, and sees the blast of energy released as he Wither spawns. He sails for the shore and faced the boss with little success. Eventually though, the exhausted Prince sets off a number of TNT in the Wither’s path, destroying it – just as the pigmen intented.

A huge nether portal rises out of the nearby waters, and a pigman war ship emerges. They steal the nether star for themselves and knock Prince out with a cannon, buring him under debris. The next morning he wakes in the bombed city, and sets off to finally get to his father’s kingdom. He arrives and docks there later on. Behind him, his father, the King, steps forward. The two face each other in silence, reunited at last.

In a final credits cut scene, we switch back to the nether, where the pigmen have been building a massive robotic suit. The stolen nether star is added to the suit. The top half of the mutant pigman’s cut body from Take Back the Night is placed in the driver’s seat. The nether star powers the suit and the mutants eyes light up, white like Herobrine’s.

Dragon Hearted


The pigmen army invades the Overworld. Nether portals rise all over the lands. Armed pigmen and mutants, ghast shooters, flame throwers, war ships and other machines destroy everything in their path.

Meanwhile, the King and Prince reunite and share memories in their ruined kingdom. The King leads Prince to the castle, where he has been preparing. They take an ender chest with them from a secret room, and the go down to the end portal from Find The Pieces.

The King replaces the ender eye he had taken before and kept safe. They jump through to the end, instantly surrounded by endermen and the approaching dragon. However, the King opens their chest, revealing a staff. It stuns the endermen, and grants control over the dragon.

Back in the Overworld, all hope is lost against the oncoming nether army. At that moment, both the ender dragon and the huge robotic pigmen suit from Find the Pieces appear within the besieged city. The King remains on the dragon, wielding his staff, and attacks the robot. Prince jumps down to face off the pigman general in a sword fight. After a heated battle, the general is defeated and thrown into fire.

Wallpaper drawing ender dragon


Meanwhile, the robotic suit has been crippled. The Prince jumps on top of the suit to slay the unconscious driver. However, the mutant wakes up, realizing defeat. As a last retaliation, he fires the encased nether star from the suit – a powerful missile. The disorientated Prince grabs onto it with his sword, which fires straight for the King and dragon.

He looks down upon the towns people, some praying, understanding his fate, and shares a final look with his father. The Prince sub dues the rocket towards a nearby portal and flies through to the nether. On the other side, he steers the missile for the center of the pigman kingdom, as their old ruler watches in fearful defeat.

The proceeding blast destroys their kingdom and technology. All pigmen are neutralized. War ships grounded in the shallow waters. Portals reduced to broken frames. At last, peace returns to the lands.

In a final cut scene, the Fallen Kingdom is being repaired. The King is seen in the mountains above. He kneels at the Princes grave, grieving and paying respect to his selfless sarcrifice. He places a single poppy and his former crown at the tombstone. The Queen’s grave stands alongside. Only the wind is heard as the king stands and silently turns to his kingdom.


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