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Original Pocket Edition (MCPE) turns 12

Lots of useful links inside.

The precursor to Minecraft Bedrock Edition celebrates 12 years since its release to Android users globally. We’re talking MCPE! An archive of the original announcement on 7th Oct 2011 is here. As one commenter on Reddit points out, “Seeing those [old] tweets on the side was pretty awesome.”

Many users online express their fond memories of discovering Minecraft through the MCPE, and later console, versions. It’s a sentiment I share myself – there is a Free Trial of Minecraft (Formerly MCPE) on the app store. I believe it locks you out after 90 minutes – which does disappoint a lot of kids in the reviews. (Also, there’s a Minecraft free trial for PC that works in the same way. And let’s not forget the free Classic in your browser!)

In 2017, Pocket Edition served as the base for the re-coded cross-platform Bedrock Edition. The merge took place over 2015-17 to various devices including Windows 10, Gear VR, Oculus Rift and consoles.

Exploring old Minecraft videos, Minecraft’s official channel, Notch, Other closing thoughts:



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