You CAN still play official Minecraft Classic in your browser

Early alpha version of Minecraft

Minecraft has long gone past the days of a simple place-and-break-blocks sandbox in your browser. The modern Minecraft website and launcher show no signs of an online “demo” version. Yet, the official website still upkeeps a free to play demo of Minecraft classic.

How it works

  1. Go to
  2. Done!
  3. Right click to switch between BUILD and DESTROY modes. Left click to place/destroy
  4. Use numbers or scroll wheel to switch blocks
  5. You get: stone, dirt, plank, cobble, sand, gravel, oak, leaves, mushroom
  6. Nothing else!
  7. You can share the unique URL you get with up to 9 friends to let them join the world
  8. You can re-generate the world and change some very basic settings


  • It’s literally Minecraft alpha. There’s simply nothing to do other than place and break blocks. No flying. No inventory. No hearts or hunger. No night and mobs. No huge world. No going past the world border. A limited number of blocks.
  • BUT it lets a new player experience a “demo” version of the game
  • BUT its a way to quickly build something and have a bit of fun with up to 9 friends
  • BUT it keeps things simple and brings back the nostalgia
  • BUT it lets Minecraft players with cracked clients experience the real thing (I guess?)

TO CHECK: Is there PVP? Does the URL stop working and world get deleted when host leaves?

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