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NORWICH upcoming replicas

This is a short post to outline some possible up coming buildings in the Norwich Project. The next one is planned for around next month. As always, major updates will be posted here and on my Planet Minecraft profile, link in sidebar.

For now though, I’ll be taking a break from this project before I go mad replicating each detail! Other blog content will be published as usual soon whenever inspiration strikes.

The Norwich cathedral

Due to popular demand, the next building in the project will actually be a large scale replica of the Norwich Cathedral! Built in the 11th century, the cathedral is an impressive church and heritage site in the heart of Norwich. Many cathedrals have been built in Minecraft before, but this one was not.

Plenty of reference exists for this building, including Google street view and virtual tours on the official website. These tours include both the inside and outside, which means that some interiors might also be done accurately in the game.

Anglia Square center

Another planned recreation is the derelict Anglia Square shopping center, built in the 1970s. It features a closed Hollywood Cinema, closed multi storey car park, and an empty (and, you guessed it, closed!) office block.

The Square is open to the public, and also comes with plenty of building reference. Although, due to the scale of the whole thing I might do a scaled-down replica instead.

Aerial photograph Aviva HQ
aerial photograph of Surrey House the Aviva, formerly Norwich Union offices in Norwich Norfolk UK

Updates and notes

Other vague replica ideas include the Forum, a natural progression from the City Hall (the two buildings are neighboring). Apart from landmarks, other buildings to recreate could be the Cathedral retail park or the few individual tower blocks around Norwich.

The train station and Royal Mail building on Thorpe Road are also interesting. Plus, all of those things would be relatively easy to build, apart from the grand station of course! Then again, anything could be built really, duh…

However, putting things into perspective, I might move away from stiff exact replicas quicker than I thought. There’s just so much to consider and a lack of proper reference – buildings simply based off life may be just as good, where creativity can fill in what lacks reference! We’ll see what will be done and when, and thank you for reading my ramblings

UPDATE: For reasons including moving, the Norwich Project is indefinitely put on hold.

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