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MINECON EARTH – Just a week to go!

November 18th is the date to remember, and with Minecon Earth getting closer and closer, Mojang is reveling more and more info! In the last few weeks lots of questions have been answered, and who wouldn’t want to know more secrets? So, here are some for you (shhh!)…

We now know who will be joining Lydia Winters as co-host of Minecond Earth – actor Will Arnett himself! He says he’s keen to develop his Minecraft skills and ”what better way to do that than co-hosting MINECON?”. What a step up from Lego Batman to Minecon Earth..! Let’s just hope that his presenting skills are as good as his acting!

You can also now go out and buy your Minecon Earth merch in person from any Target store! So you’ll get fresh air, exercise, and (most importantly) exclusive merch! What’s not to like?

Or go online and buy it, while it’s still in stock, from J!NX or Target (online). It’s your choice!

Mojang developer known as Jeb revealing the four possible mobs to be added!

And finally – a new mob will be added into the game, and the folks at Mojang are letting YOU vote for it – there are 4 options, and you’ll be able to vote for your favourite during the Minecon Earth livestream! See what they will look like here, and check out for more detailed descriptions, with Mob A’s post already there as of 13/11/2017!

As well as that, some more Official Party Viewing Locations have been added to the already big list. Although I’d say they need to add more for Europe before the 18th! So, how will you spend your Saturday? Watching Minecon or doing the usual – laundry, washing up… Come on, the choice is obvious!

Official Minecon Earth website:

Cover image: from official announcement video

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