Creator highlight: oCd disco_


Highlight of a renowned creator in the Minecraft community!

Disco is a former redstone master builder active until late 2014. He had since moved on to other projects, dubbing himself an “artist and game developer”, but his legacy has stayed. He is among the top creators on Planet Minecraft with level 108, whose submissions have gathered millions of well deserved views and downloads over the years.

Disco published multiple classic mini games including bomb defuse, zombie siege and cake defence. As well as working instruments, a calculator, analog clock, and the iconic Temple of Notch! All with redstone alone. He also left us with the simplistic and “disco-fied” oCd texture pack.

The oCd story

While he is no longer active and his creations are a relic of past versions of Minecraft, everything remains playable and impressive as ever. Disco has published his lore in a series of recent Twitter posts; @odcdisco

Images: OCD DISCO_

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