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Christmas post – builds, bedwars and the Minecraft blog

December newsletter for the connoisseur of Minecraft content. Contains builds, blog updates, and a special feature!

Bedwars creative madness

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Merry christmas! While I do not have anything christmasy prepared, this build is in festive colors!

Recently, me and another player (in a party) took part in some creative madness in bedwars! We teamed up and started building random platforms and walls. The result was a crazy, unplanned, and useless structure that was deleted as soon as we left the game. This was built on the Bedwars Practice server in void fight:

Meena Plaza recreation?

Meena (or Mina) Plaza was a complex of 4 towers in Abu Dhabi that was never completed. The towers have been demolished last year. And while no longer there, the towers could make for an interesting Minecraft build! More photos and info on the towers:

The buildings and simple and boxy. Their gray color could easily be recreated with stone, wools or terracottas. Iron trap doors would make perfect windows. Or, you could add green glass and recreate the towers as they were meant to be when finished! If no one is up to the challenge, I might build something myself in the future. Actually, the picture below on the left looks surprisingly Minecraft like from a distance!

Some updates to the blog

Minecraft blogs are not that popular. The post I am writing right now will only be read by so many people. But there are still views! In short, there will be fewer posts on the blog again, and the posts have changed format. They are more free flowing, and with more headings and images. And these monthly “newsletters” have appeared, so that I’m not writing 10 tiny posts a month. We’ll see what’s what.

Special feature: GEARCRAFT


I mentioned that Minecraft blogs aren’t popular. To take that further, most have simply died out.

GEARCRAFT blog is one of them, and one worth highlighting! The blog is inactive since 2016, with no way to contact the owners anywhere. It’s a time long gone! Just looking at the front page, you see a relic of the past – discussions of the Minecraft EULA, Windows 10 and update 1.10.

Yet, the blog has so much to explore, that did not go out of date. Reviews of interesting mods. Build highlights of “epic builds” that inspire. Discussion and perspectives on Minecraft itself in a time long gone. Plus videos on their YouTube channel. Something that may be worth checking out. In the blog owner’s own words:

“Founded in 2014, Gearcraft provides trending Minecraft news, original editorials, exclusive interviews and video to its global audience of more than 2 Million. Our stories reflect the virtues of Minecraft, which are creativity, education, entertainment, exploration, inspiration, teamwork and uniqueness.”


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