100 POSTS! +Premium Minecraft rebranding 🎉

premium minecraft blog banner

This is the 100th post published on this blog! This blog has been my personal notepad, idea and project dump since 2017. Here’s to 100 more posts in the future!

Coincidentally, I have chosen this time to rebrand all MegaMinerDL accounts associated with me and this blog. Below is a list of my official links and logos. Any other accounts are either outdated/unused, or fake.

With the blog archives going 100 posts deep, there is a lot of content. But OLD IS GOLD! Use the search in the top right (or the archives, categories and tags in the sidebar) to browse through the uploads.

five colorful cube logos blog

PM blog – earth – you are here.

Premium Minecraft Blog – Creative blog for all things Minecraft – By MegaMinerDL

Planet MC – blue – my builds.

MegaMinerDL on Planet Minecraft

Reddit – orange – games n memes.


Discord – blurple – to contact me.


Youtube – red – SMP n memes.

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