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Huge TNT block item texture

Big Items Texturepack by LetsPhil 300K

Have your ever wanted to make your Minecraft MORE BIG? Look no further than this… interesting texture pack, the Big Items Texturepack by user LetsPhil. It does exactly what you think it does, making many items and blocks in the game appear absolutely HUGE when held in your hand. Why would you want it? I have no idea, but it could be a fun challenge for bedwars, skywars or similar.

Still waiting for someone to speedrun Minecraft while using this pack!

The pack includes L O N G swords, and HUGE variations of potions, lava buckets, flint and steel, and blocks like TNT. In short, it’s pretty much made for a bedwars challenge. Possible downsides – Not every item is changed to big; it gets annoying to play with; and there may be glitches with this sort of epicness.

How to install packs

  1. Download the texture pack
  2. Go to your downloads folder and copy the texture pack ZIP / RAR file
  3. Search in start menu for %AppData% and press enter
  4. Go to .minecraft -> resourcepacks folder
  5. Paste the texture pack file, and check that it appeared ingame in Options -> Resource packs.
  6. If it doesn’t appear ingame, go back to .minecraft, right click the texture pack file and extract.

TEXTUREPACK & IMAGES FROM Big Items Texture Pack – LetsPhil 300k Minecraft Texture Pack (

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