Simplest TNT cannons [no redstone or water]


This has to be the simplest possible TNT cannon you can build in the game! It’s definitely nothing fancy and has a short range, but is quick to set up for a surprise attack or some creative fun. This post shows you the basic idea and variations.

How it works

Ignore this section if you get the idea from the pictures below!

Only TNT and 4 blocks of obsidian are needed! You can use any other block (like cobble stone) instead, but you’ll have to quickly rebuild the cannon after each use.

To use the cannon, you ignite the lower TNT first, then the second TNT right after. The first blast will push the second TNT towards its target. To give the second TNT more time to reach its target, ignite it just as the first TNT is about to explode!

While this cannon has a short range, its quick and easy to set up and uses little materials. Try placing the cannon higher for a longer range. And the cannon is easy to move or edit – below are some examples of TNT cannons you can make to hit diagonal targets, or shoot multiple TNT!

Basic cannons

Diagonal cannons

Multi shot cannons

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