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Hypixel skyblock and housing builds

Skyblock personal island Cosy island with the spawn and portals above, and minion farms near the bottom of the world. /visit auocado Housing – peaceful city Small peaceful village with…


Inventory basics for any survival adventure

Tools – you never know when an axe, shovel or pick might come in handy! Iron is a good choice of material for tools as well as weapons and armor….


Welcome home, lone traveller

Navigating the never-ending blocky landscape, the vast lakes, hills and treelines, from zombies and creepers you try to escape, gathering resources and exploring mines. The world of Minecraft. So big,…


Server of the Month: September ? – Hypixel

Every month I’ll be nominating a server for the ‘Server of the Month’ award to show you guys some of the best servers out there! And this month’s winner is…


A blocky review of Minecraft: The Island book

It’s finally out! The first ever official Minecraft novel – Minecraft: The Island, written by the one and only Max Brooks, bestselling author of World War Z. Below is a…