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wood and store mansion WIP

Quick survival build: Fancy SkyBlock Estate WIP

This is my design for an imaginary estate / mansion / castle on the server. The server adds features like currency and chest shops to classic SkyBlock, making it easy to build stuff like this.

Side note: If anyone is interested, the currency is grass blocks and I gathered all I need in a few days from 1. The daily reward (/daily), 2. The daily server list voting (/vote), 3. Lucky rewards from Vote Party events every 120 server votes (/vp), 4. Liking the server on NameMC (one time), 5. Word games in chat (this one was major actually!)

I then got the building materials from visiting the chest shops on rich players islands where they sell stuff cheap and in bulk (mandatory shoutout to /visit Drogo, /visit OakiiDoakie and /visit JustChampion)

shaders screenshot mansion

I kept the estate true to classic Minecraft, using only the finest wood, stone and fancy gold. Most windows are filled in with fences because, as you might guess, sand is hard to come by on SkyBlock. (I got my glass from Vote Key crates and crafted panes). I layered the mansion, building systematically floor by floor and bit by bit. You can see that the walls are actually very repetitive, built with similar segments that are mostly 5 blocks wide.

The estate isn’t symmetric – the right side is longer as the building is off-center from the SkyBlock island boundaries. I added various balconies, terraces, and two towers flanking the entry. There is an infinity-shaped staircase leading up to the entrance, and curved staircases inside the towers. Inside, there’s a grand entrance hall with all the stairs at the center, and two wings of the building on the left and right. One for me and one for my co-op teammate.

This project is currently on pause. The interior is empty but ready to furnish. There’s no roof. More floors are possibly planned.


Interior view of stairwell hall

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