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Hypixel skyblock and housing builds

Skyblock personal island

Cosy island with the spawn and portals above, and minion farms near the bottom of the world. /visit auocado

Housing – peaceful city

Small peaceful village with multiple homes, a lake with a Chinese dragon and plenty of green space! /visit auocado

Housing – city parkour

Colorful and somewhat confusing parkour through the caged in city! Made with housing Pro Tools. /visit mzzee

Housing – traditional PvP

A simple but detailed nature themed PvP, with overgrown archways, huge flowers and parkour. /visit mzzee

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  • (Update) The Skyblock island is pulling in hundreds of millions cash with multiple high level minions (incl. snow and clay minion), each with 1. Diamond spreading 2. Max tier lava bucket 3. Super Compactor 4. Max tier hopper

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