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Minecraft websites and stuff

Some random websites and tools relating to Minecraft that I have found or been using! Hopefully you might find these useful or fun. Also search for “resources” on the blog to find my previous builder’s reference post.

Floppy (bad) Minecraft

“It’s Minecraft, but with realistic physics. Mobs are floppy and blocks fall realistically instead of floating.

Controls are pretty much the same as in actual Minecraft, but you can also just hold the Shift key to sprint instead of double tapping W. Also the E key opens the crafting menu and there isn’t an inventory, because I’m lazy. Esc key opens pause menu.”

Allergy advice: May also contain guns.

Skyscraper city forums

“A forum community dedicated to skyscrapers, towers, highrises, construction, and city planning enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about structures, styles, reviews, scale, transportation, skylines, architecture, and more! “

Directions for use: perfect inspiration and reference for builders!

website lowpoly model editor

Blockbench model editor

“Blockbench puts all the tools at your disposal to make creating boxy models as easy as possible.

Simply resize, rotate and arrange cuboid shapes to form your own model.”

Make models for texture packs and stuff:

Nova Skin texture creator

“Resource Pack Creator for Minecraft. Texture creation made faster and easier.”

Beta editor for texturing of blocks, items, mobs…


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