If this blog had Splash Text!

Minecraft Indev menu screen

Minecraft has the ever changing yellow splash texts in the main menu. This blog is for Minecraft. Now combine the two together, and you get… blog splashes? If only there was a way to do that without incredibly fancy custom coding, here is what these splashes could look like.

New idea: make a custom texture pack that changes the main menu screen to say “Premium” Minecraft and to use custom splashes! Coming soon to a Minecraft near you, if I get around to it.

COVER IMAGE Java Edition Indev 0.31 20100131 – Minecraft Wiki (fandom.com)

  • Splash Text!
  • Still going strong in 2022!
  • In a world of news, use blog!
  • Personal, but not too close!
  • Minceraft!
  • 5 years of hitting “publish”!
  • Greatness awaits!
  • To be continued!
  • Posts every sometimes!
  • Many unpublished drafts!
  • Builds and bobs!
  • Almost never disappoints!
  • By MegaMinerDL!
  • Not affiliated with Mojang!
  • Hi Microsoft!

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