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Hi all, I am proud to unveil the new website re-design! Now everything is in one place, modern and easy to navigate. All my projects: the old blog, up-to-date build portfolio, social media links and more.

Take a browse to find out what I’ve been up to. Things went mostly smoothly & I’m open to feedback. The last major site design update was in 2020-21 (Site history and highlights – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG)

Also, I’ve taken this time to clean up and replace some images – hopefully I caught all the broken ones.

Thank you

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all! From reading these words to checking out the builds, watching videos, and even building with me or supporting me on Patreon. I wouldn’t have imagined this.

In particular, we recently smashed multiple milestones: 30K+ blog homepage views, 300+ Planet Minecraft subscribers, 600+ YouTube subscribers and more! These numbers seem trivial as we are desensitized to the growing thousands and zeroes everywhere. But imagine 600 people in one room.

UPDATE: Home page lag has been fixed. View counter went UP since the redesign – It’s still inaccurate.


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