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chunky program window error textures fix

CHUNKY – “Missing assets directory in resource pack” (Error 2)

What this error means

Your texture pack is zipped wrong.

In more detail:

Minecraft texture packs are structured in folders. Texture images are found here: assets/minecraft/textures

Chunky is looking for the “assets” folder inside the top-most level of the ZIP file. That means if the assets folder is hidden within a second folder (i.e. texture pack was zipped wrong adding a second layer), you get the error. Instead of “” containing “assets”, it contains “Texturepack/assets” because you zipped the files in the wrong place, by selecting a whole texture folder and not the “assets” directly.

How to easily fix

  1. Unzip resource pack.
  2. Look inside for the “assets” folder, alongside the pack icon and mcmeta files.
  3. Select them, right click and “Send to: compressed ZIP folder”.
  4. The new ZIP file was made correctly and can be read by Chunky. (Previously, you had likely created a ZIP by selecting the entire texture folder instead of the “assets” files directly).

Chunky rendering tutorial

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